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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should I rent out my Angel Fire Condo?

Michael and I are often asked, especially by potential owners, "Should I rent my property in Angel Fire to Vacation Renters when I'm not using it?" The answer is often up to the personal preferences and how the individual feels about having other people in their home and using their personal possessions. If that is not an issue, then we most often answer, "Yes!"

We manage over 100 houses and condos in Angel Fire (, and while this is not a year round Resort (yet) there is enough demand for Vacation Rentals in Angel Fire, that renting to Vacationers generate nice income. However, the income generated by our rental properties for individual owners, is not a way for the property to pay for itself! It will generally produce enough income to cover taxes, insurance, utilities, Association Dues, Resort Memberships and the like.

Angel Fire condo studios gross about $5500.00 per year, while a three bedroom Angel Fire condo would gross $14,000. In the world of Angel Fire Vacation Rentals, bigger is better. Or as we say, "the more beds for heads the better!"

In our next blogs, we will cover the factors that are advantageous in an Angel Fire Rental Properties. As always, for listings of our properties in Angel Fire, Taos, Eagle Nest, and Cimarron and the Moreno Valley visit us at

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