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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Angel Fire, New Mexico there are several factors that  influeance how much rental income is generated on a property.  When you look at our real estate listngs on WWW.AngelFireNewMexico.US, condo properties that are witin a three block radius are key!  Vacation Renters do not like to have to travel and park at the ski slope if they can avoid it.  Walking distance is a very influential characteristic.  As we all know, "Location, location, location!"

Another factor to keep in mind when looking for rental property is how many beds or "heads" will it sleep.  We have found through the years that the more beds, the more rental.  So consider bunk beds as a way of maximizing the rental potential of a property.

To a lesser degree than the location and occupancy of the property, covered or uncovered parking is sometimes a consideration that will tip a vacationer to choose you over another comparable property.

Also influential is if the unit is on the third floor versus ground floor (less stairs).  A building elevator is also very helpful!

For a view of the various condominiums complexes, visit our Vacation Rental website at WWW.ResortPropertiesofAngelFire.Com to familiarize yourself with the various condominium complexes in Angel Fire!

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