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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall in Angel Fire

Fall is hitting Angel Fire!  The last four nights have hit the thirties!  With this season, we find that our more serious buyers come into town, to enjoy the change of the Aspens and look at property for either a second home or a condo to retire to.

This is the time that Angel Fire Real Estate and homes market gets an increase in activity. 

If you are one of the folks headed our way, please visit our websites.  Visit to look for listings that you will want to see when you get here, or sign up for a "drip" from the website that continuously sends you each new listing as it hits the market.  Let us know what your property parameters are, so the lisitng sent to you will be relevant to wants and needs, whether it is an Angel Fire Home, Angel Fire Condo, or Angel Fire Land.

The other website to visit is for any lodging needs you have when you come to Angel Fire!

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